Cloud Architecture and Design





While Cloud strategy provides a directional view of aligning business objectives to a Cloud roadmap. There is a need to expand the Cloud strategic blueprint to a high level and low level design. With the Cloud Architecture and Design artefact the Cloud Specialist can now implement the actual design. Taking the Strategic blueprint to an actionable design which can be seamless implemented by a Cloud specialist is one of the key elements of Cloud Journey.

With AutoPilot’s vast experience in Cloud Architecture and Design, every aspects of Cloud solution building blocks is detailed to a minute level which includes

  • Defining the Architecture Principles
  • Cloud Management platform design along with orchestration and automation
  • Cloud integration design
  • Detailed network design
  • Detailed design of Cloud security
  • Chargeback and Show back model
  • Cloud backup and recovery
  • Disaster recovery for the Cloud platform
  • Cloud monitoring

All in all, we provide the High level and low level design for each Solution Building Blocks (SBB) which can be implemented by a Cloud specialist.


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