Cloud Management and Support





A traditional IT infrastructure management framework with standard roles such as Virtualization specialist, Storage specialist, network specialist etc. is not the right model for Cloud management and support. Our experience has shown that having an agile and multi-skilled team can provide the much needed flexibility to manage a Cloud environment.

At AutoPilot we have built a Cloud and Digital Management Center (CDMC) with a sole focus of managing an agile environment. The CDMC is not just focused on Cloud technology management. The resources managing the Cloud platform understand your business process.

We use a robust monitoring framework focused on Operational analytics, Self-healing and End user experience. To keep the cost down we have emphasised heavily on open-sourced tools. The Cloud and Digital Management Center is state of the art providing you end to end monitoring and visibility.

Some of the key services include

  • Service assurance
  • Service Management
  • Cloud security management
  • Cloud optimization
  • End user experience management
  • Provisioning management through orchestration
  • Configuration management
  • Alignment to Business KPI


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