Cloud Strategy




Cloud adoption is no more an option, nor there are questions raised on why, what or when. The biggest missing link is how to adopt it. Cloud is not all about “Public Cloud” (While most people think it is). Many customers take a tactical approach to Cloud adoption, which is not at all a bad approach. However taking a tactical approach may lead to serious consequences in the long term. If you are just a start-up and want to jump start Cloud adoption, taking a tactical approach may be the right thing. However if you are a large enterprise with loads of legacy application, clubbed with bubbling modern applications, with added pressure from business going the Shadow IT way, taking tactical approach may not be the step in the right direction.

Before you embark on a journey it is ideal to put some method to madness by defining the right “Cloud Strategy”. If you take a strategic approach you have something to aim for, you have a view of the target state. With Cloud Strategy the discussion is not just about “Public Cloud”. We will look at the entire 9 yards of Cloud ranging from Private, Public. Within these two broad buckets we will look at SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. We just don’t stop here. We will take a holistic look at mapping your Business and Application requirement to your Cloud strategy. We also consider other critical elements which is vital for a successful Cloud journey which includes


  • Right Cloud Management Platform (CMP)
  • There are loads available in the market, what is right for you?
  • Cloud integrations that are required for a Hybrid Cloud strategy
  • If you don’t focus on right integration, you will have Cloud Silos
  • Defining the right execution venue for your workloads
  • Defining the right blocks for Cloud security to meet your security
  • Cloud service managementoYou cannot impose your traditional

processes if you want to reap benefits of Cloud

  • Defining a roadmap for phased adoption on Cloud adoption cannot be a big bang program
  • Defining Cloud use cases to meet Business and Application requirements
  • A detailed view on the investments that are required
  • Business case for taking an informed decision
  • Helps you get the right stakeholder attention
  • We bring a structured approach which is business aligned to define your future.

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